Over 30 years of unrivaled service…

Welcome to Altair Environmental Group.

Altair has been providing quality Trenchless Technology Services throughout the State Of Florida since 1980 and leading the industry in the provision of Flow Reduction Solutions, and rehabilitation of storm & wastewater collection systems.

From large municipalities to small community collection systems, Altair applies its in-depth knowledge and understanding of client needs to provide practical and cost effective solutions for the repair and maintenance of storm & wastewater collection systems.

Altair operates a fleet of modern trucks fitted with the latest technology and capable of providing solutions to system inflow and repair problems.

Backed by experienced field technicians who work with our clients to analyze and solve system problems or deficiencies. Altair has the experience and quality of service to get the job done right.

Storm & wastewater system studies and analysis services are also available, which include pipeline cleaning, video inspection and detailed reporting on system manholes, pipelines and laterals.

Altair can also prepare maintenance programs for storm & wastewater collection systems to assist with environmental compliance and which are designed to provide our clients with substantial savings in effluent discharge costs, system repairs or regulatory fines.

With a reputation for excellence and quality of service, we are capable of handling the complete job, large or small and flexible to perform specific projects by working in partnership with our clients.


Services We Offer:


Pipeline Cleaning

Altair Environmental Group operates a fleet of specialized cleaning trucks for the high pressure water jetting of storm & wastewater collection system pipelines and the removal of...

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Internal Video Inspection

Altair Environmental Group operates a fleet of specialized video inspection trucks for the video inspection and documentation of storm and wastewater collection systems.

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Smoke Testing

Altair Environmental Group provide a range of services for the investigation and study of wastewater collection systems for the identification of inflow or infiltration related defects.

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