Internal Video Inspection

Altair Environmental Group operates a fleet of specialized video inspection trucks for the video inspection and documentation of storm and wastewater collection systems.

Video inspection provides a trenchless solution for the investigation and identification of problems in underground utility pipelines. Using specialist video cameras, with built in lighting and pan & tilt video inspection camera heads.

Our experienced operators can inspect and document the internal condition of the pipelines and visually inspect any infiltration or damage to the storm or wastewater collection system without the need of expensive excavation. All our operators have been trained in the latest inspection methods and are Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program (PACP) certified to comply with the industry’s standards established by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO).

System defects are documented and tabulated for complete analysis and detailed rehabilitation techniques are recommended, including associated costs for client budgeting purposes.

Inspection services are also provided for new storm or wastewater collection systems prior to connection to the existing public system. Recorded data is documented and provided to the client in electronic format with additional copies for submission to the relevant authorities.

The camera systems used by Altair are the latest equipment available developed by the industry’s most reputable manufacturers, and offer unparalleled imaging technology to produce clarity of picture with enhanced detail. A studio facility is available at our Longwood office for the review of all recorded video data by our technical support staff or by the client.




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