Lateral Lining

truckAltair Environmental Group provides a range of trenchless technology products for the repair of storm & wastewater collection systems.

Altair supplies and installs a high quality Sewer Lateral Lining System which is a versatile, cured-in-place lining system, suitable for 3” through 12” pipelines. This system uses coated polyester felt which offers the option of either ambient cure, VOC and styrene free, silicate resins or heat cured epoxy resins.

This product has been successfully installed in sewer laterals containing multiple bends up to and including multiple 90º bends.

The Sewer Lateral Lining System is installed using an Inversion Drum capable of inverting liners using either the open or closed end method and designed to operate with air, water or a combination of both. It is also designed to enable hot curing of the liner.

An Impregnation Table is used in conjunction with a vacuum system to ensure proper impregnation of the felt liner with the patented Advanced Silicate resins. The calibrated rollers ensure the specified wall thickness for the liner installation.


  1. No-Dig solution
  2. Cost effective
  3. Improves flow characteristics
  4. Rehabilitation of multiple bends up to 90º
  5. Eliminates exfiltration / infiltration
  6. Resistant to oils, caustics, chemicals & high temperatures
  7. Odorless, VOC & styrene free resins
  8. Environmentally friendly

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