Pipeline Cleaning

pipecleaning01Altair Environmental Group operates a fleet of specialized cleaning trucks for the high pressure water jetting of storm & wastewater collection system pipelines and the removal of debris for offsite disposal in compliance with environmental legislation.

These cleaning trucks can deliver up to 80 gallons per minute of water at 2000 psi pressure, which creates a highly efficient pipeline cleaning approach. The trucks are fitted with onboard water storage tanks and a range of cleaning nozzles suitable to clean from 4″ service connection pipelines up to 84″ storm pipelines.pipecleaning02

The vacuum systems are fitted with debris collection tanks, with capacities up to 12 cubic yards, and telescopic booms with remote operation for the safe access of structures. The debris tanks are designed with hi-lift & tip equipment for ease of debris discharge and a pressure wash-out to ensure total discharge of materials and tank decontamination.

It is imperative that all debris is removed from the system during cleaning operations to ensure the system operates at full capacity at all times. Altair’s experienced operators work with the client to ensure the system is professionally cleaned and all debris removed from the system.