Smoke Testing

smoketest01Altair Environmental Group provide a range of services for the investigation and study of wastewater collection systems for the identification of inflow or infiltration related defects.

Smoke testing is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods to locate and identify the source of inflow or infiltration problem in wastewater collection systems. This process entails a physical survey of the complete system and prior to any smoke testing, Smoke Test notices are delivered to all residential or commercial properties which may be within the area where the smoke test is being carried out. All work is performed in coordination with the City’s Public Works Department, the Police and Fire departments to ensure all parties understand the smoke test operational requirements.

smoketest02A non-hazardous smoke is introduced into the wastewater collection system using a mechanical blower system. The smoke will escape through any defect or opening in the system and such defects can be identified and documented for reporting to the client. Suspect connections will also be documented and can be further tested using ‘dye water tracing’ or system flooding. Infiltration or inflow quantities are calculated for each known source and ongoing flow monitoring is available to ensure waste volumes remain constant.

Detailed reports are prepared for submission to our clients and substantial savings can be accomplished with this effective preventative maintenance service.